Getting Help

Learn where to get help and support in the extensive, diverse IPFS ecosystem.

IPFS discussion forums

We aim to direct the majority of discussions and support questions toward the official IPFS discussion forums. IPFS developers keep an eye on posts in the forums and are happy to jump in to help. This makes it easier to search and learn from previous discussions, and it helps us keep code repositories focused — thereby increasing the ratio of actionable, clearly defined, and scoped issues that anyone can contribute to.

GitHub repositories

We keep all our codebases and supporting/additional repositories in GitHub. For this, we maintain several GitHub organizations:

  • IPFS contains the core codebases and related libraries. We aim to keep this organization tidy, with all projects in it being actively maintained by the IPFS core teams.
  • IPFS Shipyard contains many side projects, tooling, and endeavors that are not part of the core codebase and therefore may have different levels of maturity and activity. We encourage the community to step up and drive Shipyard projects forward!
  • IPFS Archive contains archived repositories that are obsolete and no longer under active development (usually because they have been replaced by something else).

We aim to keep the issue trackers in most repositories for specific, scoped discussions and implementation approaches. Reducing the noise in the repositories via high-quality, on-point issues helps our teams perform more efficiently and serve the developer community faster.

Matrix and Discord

Our official chat rooms in Matrix and Discord are bridged, so you can join whichever you prefer. They can be used to ask questions and discuss with the community — however, while IPFS core developers are usually in these rooms, it can be hard to keep up with the running conversation and questions can be missed or disappear due to a lack of indexing. Therefore, we prefer the forums for support questions, though you can still try the chats!

Other venues

Core IPFS developers do not monitor the following venues, but many of our community members do and are happy to help and discuss: